DROW는 is a web-based 3D intelligent platform that controls the real-time location of
UAVs and robots developed by Clrobur and it’s meaning of 'DRONE' and 'DRAW'.

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    The entire platform is developed by WAS as a web-based application.

    Various drone platforms, communication methods, and simultaneous multi-operation on Web browser-based.

    Integrated 3D ground control and service support for real-time video streaming.

    Data collection and storage using Prostgre DB.

    Completed development of 3D Map-based data visualization and analysis capabilities by time series, itemized, and region.

    Support for various drone (robot) protocols and MAVLink protocols (Rotor, Rover, Copter, Plane).

DROW-World Simulator

Indoor and outdoor 3D simulation environment with real-time location tracking system.

Enable real-time location tracking and replaying, creating art scenario path for swarm art show and virtual simulation of swarm flight paths on the Chrome web browser.

Data collection and storage using DB.

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