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DROW4D - SpaceNet

DROW4D - SpaceNet is forms a spatial address network that apply to each surface analytic information based on 3D mapping data

  • Tunnel

    Inspace Point mapping and AI analysis using a LiDAR drone - Spatial address information
  • Bridge

    3D mapping and AI analysis using EO/IR Drone - Detecting cracks on the surface

  • Subway station/ track

    3D mapping and AI analysis using EO/IR Drone - Real-time data collection of object

  • Video/image processing

    Video & Image Analysis Management System - Automatic event and history generation

  • Improving efficiency and a fast decision-making
    DROW 4D SpaceNet can enable surface crack prediction over time. By leveraging this solution, you can dramatically reduce the time to determine and manage abnormalities in the structure and save on input costs.

    Unique spatial address management
    Using the unique spatial address information of the surface, the location of the object's data (subterranean structures such as tunnels and bridges) is quickly identified, and the best maintenance is made possible.

    Sustainable facilites maintenance
    Safety diagnosis of any type of facility is possible by utilizing an advanced drone safety management solution rather than a mechanical analysis device that must be accompanied by a person. Visualization data can always be collected and analyzed with the address information of a certain facility, so any user can support identification of surface defects.