After the rebirth, the group of girlfriends all turned around.

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Shen Youxing also often came here to accompany her sisters to buy clothes, and her girlfriends had advised her to wear skirts before, but Shen Youxing looked at those beautiful little skirts and always felt that it would be strange for her to wear them, so she did not dare to try. Today, there was only one little devil with her, and she was not afraid of anything in front of the little devil! This big and small fearlessly stepped into a shop named'Chanel '. The interior decoration was luxurious and the floor was so smooth that people could slip. Shen Youxing went in with an expressionless face and dragged the confused Lu Hu out with an expressionless face. He silently said: "Master Lu, let's change one. I can't afford to go to the shop your mother often visits." "But my mother said that the skirt inside was beautiful." "Change, change what you like." "I like it." I like girls to wear that. "What kind?" Lu Hu blushed and pulled the elder sister down to the children's clothing store on the second floor. Pointing to the Japanese student miniskirt on the dummy model, he said coyly, "Elder sister, would you like to try this?" Shen Youxing: "This is a children's clothing store..." "Hum, you let me choose, I choose and pick and choose, as expected you women are fickle, I want to go home!" "Well, well, you wait, you recommend the next one, I must try it on!"! No matter the price, no matter whether it's suitable or not, you have to take the first step,Serum Bottle With Dropper, right? Shen Youxing clenched his fist and hypnotized himself again to strengthen his faith. Land Rover then agreed to stay, two people ran back to the third floor shopping, passing by the underwear store, Land Rover children looked inside all kinds of neinei cover and looked at the big sister's chest. Originally wanted to say something immediately swallowed back, ready to ignore the shop. Shen Youxing is usually careless, in fact, many times careful, such as this time,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, she obviously saw a trace of pity from the eyes of the little guy. Pity a ghost! You want to say that I want to change from inside to outside, right? All right, let's go in and have a walk. Land Rover is a little embarrassed: "No, why don't I wait for you outside?"? I'm a boy! "You're only ten years old, not a boy." "Huh?"? Why Shen Youxing said, "I can't tell you this, but you will know later." "Then I don't want to go in either, and you don't want to go in either, big sister. I'm afraid you'll get hurt." After all, Lu Hu spoke his mind. Shen Youxing stalked his neck. It was the first time that he was sympathized by the children. They were deadlocked for a while. Shen Youxing surrendered and said, "Well, let's go step by step and buy a dress first." Lu Hu patted Shen Youxing on the back sensibly: "Well, don't be sad, elder sister. It is said that you will develop after you have a boyfriend, and you will develop after you have a child. We are not worse than others." When Shen Youxing looked at the Land Rover children, glass cream jars ,oil dropper bottle, his eyes were much more complicated: "Depend on it, do the children understand so much now?!"! The word says why can you develop after making a boyfriend?! Shen Youxing did not want to admit that he was not even as good as a little boy. He silently swallowed the question. They walked into a shop full of pink princess dresses in the last ten minutes of the shop closing. In the shop, the clerk, Mischa, is playing with her mobile phone. There are only ten minutes left, which can basically be regarded as the preparation time for getting off work. Even the mall radio is broadcasting the announcement of inviting guests to leave one after another, but who knows that there are two men coming in at this time. I don't know if I asked where the toilet was. "Turn left in the toilet and go straight for a hundred meters," Mischa pointed. Shen Youxing, with a delicate face, coughed in a rough voice, blushed and said, "I'm not.." No "Big sister, we're here to buy skirts, not to ask about the toilet." Shen Youxing nodded.
Mischa took a closer look at the short boy, who looked very cute, and immediately said, "Oh, I'm sorry, but now our shop is closing soon, or.." "No!"! Big sister, my big sister's boyfriend has a terminal illness, and the doctor says I'm afraid it's going to be tonight. "Big sister, my brother-in-law's only request is to see my elder sister wearing a skirt, so let us stay a few more minutes, we immediately buy and leave?!" "This.." "Big sister, please!" Shen. Never lied. Stunned. Suddenly had a cancer boyfriend. Young star nodded sullenly: "Please." Mischa nodded. There was still half an hour to close the store. It didn't matter to move a little to this pair of miserable Mandarin ducks. "Well, please let me find a beautiful skirt for you!" Mischa, who was poisoned by the romance novel, smiled at Shen Youxing with tears in her eyes. With that, Mischa pushed Shen Youxing into the dressing room, and each of the Land Rover children went to pick out ten small skirts of size S and sent them in. Try it out one by one! We strive for perfection! "Big sister, wear it quickly!"! I think you just dress and behave like a man, but in fact you are very good-looking! Shen Youxing was inexplicably driven to the shelf, slightly guilty quickly picked up the first suspender long gauze skirt, hoping not to give the kind shop assistant trouble, if this is suitable to buy and go! She put it on three times and five times divided by two, and when she pulled the side zipper, her hands trembled a little, and her heart gradually felt a little stiff because her shoulders were exposed and her legs were empty. There are no mirrors in the dressing room. So why is there no mirror in the dressing room! She can only take a deep breath, and then hide that kind of perturbed eyes, resume the ruffian smile before, take the big step of the outer eight to go out, and in front of Mischa and Lu Hu children raised his chin, a look of indifference said: "How?" The Land Rover child slapped his forehead and sighed. Mischa's smile froze on her face and she said euphemistically, "That." It seems a little too long, usually this long skirt to the ankle, you have almost dragged to the ground,Glass Cream Jars, but it doesn't matter, we have other short styles, and finally.. 。


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