Prince, slave

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"Xianger promised you, Xianger promised you everything!" Xianger suddenly shouted, looking at the snowy night with her eyes like fire: "But, what about me? Xiao Xueye You are a respectable man. What did you promise Xiang? "Xiang, I'm sorry." The snowy night trembled and picked up Xiang'er's face: "Afterlife, snowy night..." "Do you remember?" Xiang'er said slowly and firmly: "Life is the same, death is the same, you die, Xiang'er dies!" "No!"! Xiang Er "Oh, no!" He shouted loudly on a snowy night with his canthus cracked! "If Xianger wants to die, who can control it?" Xianger smiled calmly. "If Xianger wants to live, there is only one way." "What?" Asked the voice of Snow Night. Xiang stood up and lit the two red candles on the incense table. He knelt down piously, looked back at the snowy night and smiled sadly, pointing to her side, "Come on." Snowy night unknown so, or knee walk past, kneel straight body beside the fragrant son. Xiang'er cut her hair for Snow Night. "Snow Night, you've always wanted to marry me, haven't you?" "Xiang'er." "Grandpa Shanshen is here. I only ask you if you have always wanted to marry me." On a snowy night, I watched the broken and mighty statue of the mountain God whose gold lacquer fell off after the incense table. Nod: "Yes, Xiao Xueye has always wanted to marry Murong Yanxiang.". Can "Good!" Xiang'er looked at the mountain God and kowtowed respectfully: "On the mountain God grandpa, my daughter Murong Yanxiang and Xiao Xueye borrowed your land to get married today. Please ask the mountain God grandpa to marry my daughter! If you agree Please let the lights go off. The voice fell, and the two red candles on the table suddenly burst out. "Crackle." Xiang'er! "Snow Night cried out in surprise.". Xiang'er turned around slightly and kowtowed to Xiao yuanfeng. "Uncle, you will definitely agree with Xiang'er to marry your son, right?" "Xiang'er." The voice choked on the snowy night. On a snowy night, the mountain God has agreed, and my father is here. You and I are here to worship the parents of the gods of heaven and earth. I, Murong Yanxiang, am your wife. "Xiang'er." I can't Hurt you. "Snow Night,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock," Xiang'er looked up quietly, took the hand of Snow Night, and said softly, "Don't you understand? The only possibility for Xiang'er to live Is to be your wife Xiao Xueye! Namely Please give me.. A light snowy night. I, Murong Yanxiang, will live to raise your flesh and blood in this life. Otherwise, heaven and earth, where you go, Xiang Er will go with you! Never break a promise !” "Xiang'er." The tears of the snowy night have been shed. Come on, let's worship the parents of heaven and earth. In the backyard, the autumn grass is fragrant and the shadows of the trees are whirling. The moonlight is beautiful, illuminating the world in all directions. The night was as cool as water, and Xiang turned her back to the snowy night, slowly spreading her hair, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,bottle blowing machine, slowly taking off her clothes, and slowly turning around. She is perfectly bright and clean in the moonlight, shining with beautiful jade light, just like a fairy who does not eat human fairy fire. The hand of the snowy night trembled and carefully stroked her face and her hair. Suddenly, he hugged her warm and smooth body tightly in his arms. His body, broad and thick, muscles bulging and covered with deep scars, her body, slender, soft and smooth, without a trace of flaw. The two contrasting bodies are tightly entangled in the fragrant autumn grass. As if a thousand years of waiting, just for this time, into one. The moonlight is bright and the stars are brilliant. They are immersed in each other's joy and satisfaction. They understand that this is their first and last time. The moon is in the middle of the sky, and Xiang'er is lying quietly in the autumn grass. Her clothes were gently dressed by her husband, her belt was clumsily tied by her husband, and her husband's big hand held the hair on her head. Yes, for the first and last time. But she did not see her husband go, and she could not bear the pain of saying goodbye. Her body still feels passion and sweetness, but her heart is full of sadness and despair. The sound of the horse's hooves was far away, and she gently stroked her lower abdomen. —. How to be sincere —. August 19, night. In the rain, the air was filled with the fragrance of moist wood leaves. No, there is also the endless blood of armored weapons, which is cold to the bone marrow with the west wind. In a secluded corner of Baise Garden in Dingzhou, which was temporarily used as the military viceroy, the iron door of a bluestone room suddenly opened. The dim oil lamp in the corner was almost blown out by the wind.
Sitting cross-legged on the grass, Lu Xiaojie, who was resting with his eyes closed, opened his eyes and calmly watched the magnificent figure he had been waiting for for a long time come in. Another big bearded man with eagle eyes and ringed eyes stood behind the Weian figure with a knife. Xiao yuanfeng stood in front of him and looked down at him coldly. Wang Ye returned to the army with a great victory. "He smiled, but did not salute." Accident "Six days ago, no more accidents.". Now General Shouyi has returned to the army from the north. He should have helped the emperor take the king of Yongnan. It seems that the war is over. Lu Xiaojie sat calmly and calmly. Xiao yuanfeng coldly looked at Lu Xiaojie, waving, two guards in the ground on a small few, a pot of wine, two sprinkled bottles after respectfully retired. Xiao yuanfeng lifted his robe and sat on the ground opposite Lu Xiaojie. Zhao Shouyi came forward and poured out the wine and retreated to the door. Xiao yuanfeng raised his glass to Lu Xiaojie. The army of the Song Dynasty retreated, and the rebel leader Xiao yuantian died. Xiao yuanlan was defeated, and the emperor accepted his begging for surrender. In person against the king, move PingCheng, not already to Dingzhou. The flames of war in the Central Plains for more than half a year have been settled. Dawei will have a new era of prosperity. No one will ever dream of Zhang Liang and Xiao He in vain again. "Ha ha.." Wang Ye went to the Eagle Mountain without stopping, and hurried to Dingzhou for only an hour, right? The dust has not been washed Let's look at Xiaojie first. Xiaojie is not very grateful. Meng Wang Ye personally sent Xiaojie home, which is also a happy thing in life. Lu Hsiao-chieh raised his glass and drank it down. As for the heyday, it is not necessarily true. "Lu Xiaojie, you are the leader of the cremation of Wei.". Talking about benevolence, righteousness and morality, the old and the young are superior and inferior. But the view of what you do, for one's own selfish interests,water bottling line, exhausted mind, attempt to instigate father and son monarch and minister against each other, put my big Wei people in fire and water. Where is your sense of superiority and inferiority.


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