Mad Emperor

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On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, yuan Dongzheng street crowd surging, the people have stopped to look at each other, I saw, line-ups grand brigade troops from Dongzheng city gate into the city, day of the prime minister out of the city to meet in person, in the middle of the guards, white horse is a young handsome man, with a smile on his face, really charmed a lot of women, and the most striking thing is that in the team unexpectedly that luxurious chariot shaft, Two pure white steeds with their manes and tails, the rafter shafts with aloes and ebony, the jade, and even the curtains in the carriage are embroidered with gold, shining in the sun, so luxurious. And let the eye is not the luxury of the chariot shaft, like the princes and grandsons of the Tianyuan Dynasty, noble ministers are the most luxurious, and they have seen the luxurious chariot shaft, what really arouses their interest is that the countries that have always come to the party to show their national prestige, immediately majestic, never sit in the chariot shafts, and today, the most powerful Longlin country actually used the chariot shafts,CSD filling line, all make people curious. Who is sitting in the shaft of this chariot. In front of the inn, yuan Qi, the crown prince of the Tianyuan Dynasty, was waiting in front of the inn. As soon as he saw the arrival of Mo Qingting, the second prince of Longlin, he immediately stepped forward and greeted him, saying, "The second prince has worked hard all the way. yuan Qi has lost his welcome." The prince was quite handsome, but his face was sallow and his eyes were dull. He looked like a man who indulged in excessive sex. At this time,Vegetable oil filling machine, he had an ingratiating smile on his face, especially wretched. The Tianyuan Dynasty had such a prince. It was difficult for him not to want to subjugate the country. He jumped down from the shaft of the chariot and thought to himself. Prince yuan is polite. Mo Qingting was refined and elegant without losing the style of a great country. He caught a glimpse of Qingkuang jumping off the shaft of the chariot. His eyes flashed with disgust. On the surface, he kindly pulled Qingkuang to yuan Qi and said, "Prince yuan, this is my third brother, Prince Mo Qingkuang. Third brother, this is Prince Tianyuan." yuan Qi as early as the moment of the crazy appearance, found that the eyes are straight, it seems that there is suspicious liquid around the corners of the mouth, even Mo Qingting did not hear. Shit, this guy is a pedophile! He frowned wildly and shouted, "What are you looking at? It's not a beautiful woman. Your saliva is almost flowing all over the floor. It's disgusting." Hiss! Unexpectedly, there was a sound of gasping all around. Originally, I heard that this lovely young man was the famous'disaster prince 'of the whole Longlin country. Everyone retreated subconsciously. This will see the'disaster prince' send out'divine power 'again. They can retreat as far as they can, for fear of being affected by the'disaster'. yuan Qi's face was white and red, red and blue, changeable, PET blow moulding machine ,juice filling machine, but did not dare to attack. "When Mo Qingting saw that it was almost done, he said," Don't be rude, third brother. Then he stepped forward and said to yuan Qi with a smile, "You are still young and don't know how to be polite. Don't blame the prince." In a word, he showed his style and told everyone clearly that the third prince of Longlin was just a guy who didn't know how to be polite. Ha ha, not strange, cough, two princes first into the inn! yuan Qi smiled awkwardly and made a gesture of invitation. The post house was a temporary residence for the envoys of the six countries when the seven countries gathered. It was divided into Longyuan, Chuyuan, Qiyuan, Yanyuan, Hanyuan and Fengyuan. Each garden was built according to the customs and hobbies of various countries. It was very luxurious. At this time, the envoys of various countries had already arrived one after another, and Longlin was the latest to arrive. As soon as Qingkuang and his party entered the inn, they were about to go to Longyuan when suddenly a UFO went straight at Qingkuang. What bad luck! You can't show your martial arts in front of people. It's a little difficult to avoid this menacing'sphere '. Just when the crazy thought is the local donkey roll away? Or let it hit down directly, the figure in front of her eyes flashed, a bodyguard nimbly blocked in front of her, firmly caught the unknown object, all this happened in a flash of lightning. Third brother, are you all right? Mo Qingting asked nervously, glancing at the young bodyguard, his worried eyes flashing with resentment. With a pale face, he patted his chest wildly and came out from behind the'bodyguard '. "I'm scared to death, I'm scared to death.." he said, trembling with surprise. The little hand took the sphere made of bamboo rattan from the'bodyguard 'and looked at her'savior', Ye Ying, with eyes full of deep smiles, where others could not see it.
When Ye Ying saw her smiling eyes, he turned his head uncomfortably and retreated. He didn't understand why he would come forward when he saw her in danger. At that moment, he didn't think at all that the other side's martial arts were higher than his. He didn't need his protection at all. It was just an instinctive reaction to protect her. Hey, kid, give me the ball. A rough voice sounded, with defiant insolence. He squinted wildly and saw a rude man in short sleeves, with a black face, a fat body, a broad mouth and a long beard. He raised his head high, and his black and white eyes under his thick eyebrows burst out. He shouted at her. He was clearly a barbarian. Smart eyes a turn, rose red face, shout loudly: "Bastard cake is calling who ah?" "Bastard Cake is calling you." The rude man with a body but no brain didn't even think about it and immediately answered. He threw the ball in his hand up and caught it again. He looked suddenly enlightened and said, "Oh, so it's you, the bastard cake, calling me!" As soon as the words came out, everyone laughed and quickly stopped, only to hold back their laughter, because a black face had turned into a red face. Smelly boy, you want to die. The rude man rushed up and tried to beat him, but he was pulled. Are you looking for shit? Have to go to the toilet. He spread out his hands wildly and continued to play with him without fear of death. You Ah The rude man lost face and angrily pushed away the man who was holding him. Lun raised his fist and waved it at him, but it was blocked halfway. "Brother Yan, why fight with a child?" A clear voice sounded, and a man in a strong suit stood in front of the rude man with a smile. Hum, for the sake of brother Yue, this prince will spare her this time. The rude man snorted coldly and reluctantly put down his hand and said. Still smiling, the man turned around,liquid bottle filling machine, squatted down, and looked at each other at the same level. "You are the third prince of Longlin," he said! I've heard a lot about you! 。


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