What to do if you dress like a man who accepts the text -- Yuqin style

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But who let here is a roadside tea shed without a shop in front of the village, it is no problem to be more expensive, and no one will feel that the price is unacceptable. As soon as the boss put down his things, Synutra had already taken out nine coppers and put them on the table. Eating some hard steamed bread and drinking some bitter herbal tea, Shengyuan did not find it difficult to accept. No matter how bad the food was, he had not eaten it before, but Su Zijun, who was on the road with him, never wronged himself to eat it. It's the same this time. Therefore, what Shengyuan called from the beginning was only his own weight, while what Su Zijun ate was the wild fruit they found on the road and the dried meat they had bought before. For Shengyuan to eat these foods that he didn't want to touch at all, Su Zijun felt a little strange at first, but he never wanted to grab the things in Shengyuan's hands like today, let him not eat, tell him that the food they brought was enough for them to eat, and he didn't have to wronged himself to eat these bad things. Su Zijun looked at Shengyuan steadily, probably because his eyes were too strong, Shengyuan finally put down the steamed bread and teacup in his hand, raised his head and looked at Su Zijun seriously, puzzled to open his mouth to him. Zijun,artificial plant wall panels, what's wrong? Did I do something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? "No.". I'm just surprised. We brought a lot of jerky and fruit. Why do you have to eat this stuff? Su Zijun lowered his eyes and put his hand on the table, holding the walnut in a circle at his fingertips. When we stop at other people's stalls, it's not good for us to occupy his business in vain, but not to do his business. Shengyuan smiled and explained to Su Zijun. But you don't need to buy his things. Can you give him money directly when you leave? Why toss your tongue? "Maybe I don't want my boss to get into the habit of getting something for nothing?" Shengyuan said to Su Zijun with a smile. It's up to you. Su Zijun looked up at him, pursed his lips, and said helplessly. After eating, Su Zijun and his family went on their way again. Not far away,faux grass wall, they met three of the people who had just rested with them in the tea shed. They are two men and a woman, the man is about thirty years old, a teenager, and the woman is about twenty years old. It seems that it is impossible to judge the relationship between them at all. After all, at such an age and appearance, it is also possible to say that they are the stepson of husband and wife, that it is no problem to say that they are brothers and sisters, that there is nothing wrong with saying that they are younger brothers of husband and wife, even if they are brothers of the same school or friends of the same school. When Su Zijun met them again, he saw several of them circling in the woods of teenagers from a distance. As soon as he came out of the woods here, he immediately went into the woods from the side, and then came out and went in again. At this time, Su Zijun did not even have to think about it, he knew that they had met a ghost hitting the wall. He looked up at the sky, large ficus tree ,decorative palm trees, a red sun hanging high in the sky, the warm sun shining on his body, warm him at the same time, but also let him some do not like. After all, warm sunshine is something that can take away water vapor, and as a dragon, he is the creature who likes water best. He doesn't like the feeling of the sun shining on his body, but that doesn't mean he hates the sun. He prefers sunny days to rainy days when the road is wet and muddy. Although rainy days can make his body more comfortable and comfortable. He did not like the temperature of the sun, but in the case of the blue sky and white sun, it was basically impossible for ghosts to hit the wall, which was full of Yin Qi. Now, looking at the appearance of those people, it is obvious that they have been trapped for some time. Although they left earlier than he and Shengyuan, according to the normal speed, they were trapped as soon as they arrived here, and they never stopped thinking about getting out of trouble, so they kept looking for a way out, if you don't know, because of their idea, they have been consuming their physical strength, at this time, they have been somewhat depressed. Not as good as when I was trapped.
Yuyue Longmen 15 Su Zijun and Shengyuan, who saw this scene from a distance, had stopped and did not approach rashly. Like this kind of ghost who can make ghosts hit the wall in the blue sky and the white sun, it is not a simple role. Since the other side can make the ghost hit the wall at noon, with his or her strength, there is no need to use the ghost hit the wall to confuse the living, thus consuming the other side's physical strength and spirit. Although Su Zijun and Shengyuan do not understand why he/she wants to do so, if you really want to kill people to absorb Yang Qi, the other side simply does not need such trouble, even in the town, the other side wants to harm people is easy, the general monk Taoist really can not deal with this kind of blue sky and white sun can also come out of the ghost. The other side simply does not need to set up a ghost wall on the roadside in the wilderness, where there is no human habitation. It is simply full of food and too much magic to use. Shengyuan originally doubted whether the three men had offended the ghost who did not know whether he was a man or a woman, but seeing that their lives were not affected, he could not help giving up the idea after he kept turning around in the woods. If you really offend the other party, you can retaliate at night. Otherwise, you can use ghosts to hit the wall at noon and show up in broad daylight, which is more labor-saving than using ghosts to hit the wall. Isn't it better to scare them to death directly? Su Zijun also felt the distant ghost hitting the woods deep in the wall, that faint sense of threat, enough to show that the other side is a ghost enough to cause harm to him. Although the strength is inferior to him, but if they are not careful, they are likely to capsize in the gutter. Although Su Zijun has been on the same road with Synutra for several months and has encountered a lot of strange stories, he still needs to show that he is not clear about many aspects that Synutra has not said. After all,artificial banyan trees, an ordinary Jianghu Shaoxia, even if he knows some rumors and legends, it is impossible for him to have a full understanding of demons and ghosts. hacartificialtree.com


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