Emperor's order is hard to disobey by the moon is not enchanting

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At the beginning, because he was not familiar with it, Yang Shouwang was able to behave himself, but in less than half a month, he made the old mistake. He first took some gossip to tease Chunlan, and then he would touch her twice. With the passage of time, Yang Shouwang devoured Chunlan's psychological defense line little by little. Later, Chunlan gradually became accustomed to Yang Shouwang's flirtation. If one day she did not feel a little less interesting. Yang Shouwang molested the maid every day for pleasure, and after a long time, he became a little tired. He knew that the maid had been sent by his father to serve him, and that she must be taken back after all. In order to make a good impression on his father, he must not break her now. But locked up in the palace and can not casually mess with women, the days are really boring. Suddenly one night, when Yang Shouwang was reading, he heard a creak in the window pane. He looked up and saw that the window had been pushed open. Then a blue shadow flashed and flew into Yang Shouwang's study. The person who came was a young woman, with her hair like a cloud on her shoulder, her black night clothes outlining her graceful figure, and a purplish red flute in her hand. Although the person is very beautiful, but Yang Shouwang always felt that she had a coquettish spirit, not like a decent woman. As soon as the woman saw Yang Shouwang, she was overjoyed and shouted, "Master!" Master? Yang Shouwang thought that she was probably referring to Jie Kong. Could it be someone Jie Kong once knew? "I'm Black Lotus. Don't you know me?" Black Lotus? The name is very appropriate, because she looks like a blooming black lotus as touching, even Yang Shouwang, who used to see women in previous lives, can hardly escape her temptation. I didn't expect that Jie Kong,Ozone generator ceramic plate, a young monk who was said to be very dull, would know such a beautiful woman. It's really impossible to judge a person by his appearance. Ah I had a serious illness once, and after I recovered, I forgot everything, so.. "What they say is true!" It turned out that Black Lotus was indeed a former friend of Jie Kong-not so much a friend as a benefactor. Half a year ago, on a late autumn night, Jie Kong went to Daotai Temple to deliver a letter. When he returned to Guoan Temple, he met an injured woman sitting on the roadside. After asking, he realized that she was the daughter of a hunting woman in the mountains. The woman was willing to ask Jie Kong to send her home, but there was no doubt that Jie Kong carried the woman on his back and set foot on the mountain path. The more you walk, the more hidden you are, and the more you can't see the hunter's family. Jie Kong finally has a little doubt and asks, "Girl, is this the way to your home?"? You're not going wrong, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, are you? The woman nodded behind him, but said nothing. Jie Kong still carried her on his back. After a long time, Jie Kong finally stopped. He dared to shout, "Girl!" The woman seemed to be waiting for this moment to come and responded happily, "What's the matter?" "Are you afraid?" Asked Jie Kong cautiously. The woman's body shook and she couldn't say a word. Jie Kong went on to ask, "You have to walk such a long mountain road to the market every day. Aren't you tired and afraid?"? Isn't your family worried? Don't you feel cold when you wear so little? Did you have a meal so late? Asked for a long time on the back of the woman did not say a word, Jie Kong felt curious, then put her down on the roadside, want to see what happened to her in the end. The woman pushed Jie Kong back and said to him, "Go!" Jie Kong said, "What will you do if I leave here alone?"? No, I'll send you home. The woman did not dare to look at him, but urged him to go quickly: "You are a good man, I do not want to harm you!" " Jie Kong did not understand what she was talking about. The woman suddenly heard something. She raised her head, took Jie Kong's hand and jumped up a tree. She took Jie Kong along the trees in the mountains and jumped down like a monkey in the mountains. Soon, the two of them came out of the mountains. Jie Kong has seen that this woman is not an ordinary woman, her kung fu is very clever, and her behavior is extremely strange, there must be a secret. After repeated inquiries from Jie Kong, the woman finally confided the truth to him.
It turned out that her name was Hei Lian. She was a female disciple of the Lotus Sect, an evil sect in Jianghu. She seduced young and handsome men in the Chang'an area, and Jie Gong was one of her goals. Black Lotus leads Jie Kong to the deep mountains, the purpose is to wait for Jie Kong can not help but reveal his nature, seize the opportunity to absorb his essence, in order to practice higher martial arts. To her surprise, Jie Kong was the biggest fool in the world. He didn't have any bad thoughts about her at all, and he was extremely concerned about her. This moved Black Lotus, who lacked human care since childhood, and the conscience that had not completely disappeared in her heart began to wake up. Jie Kong did not have any contempt for Black Lotus because of her behavior of picking flowers, but advised her to turn back as soon as possible before she got stuck in the mud. At first, she could not be persuaded, because turning back meant betraying the Lotus Gate, which was impossible for her. But unable to withstand the repeated advice of Jie Kong, who was so sincere that he was almost silly, Black Lotus finally agreed to think about it. The two men agreed to meet at the place where they first met every three days. Hei Lian confessed to Jie Kong what she had done in the past three days. Jie Kong also took the opportunity to promote Buddhism to Hei Lian and try to save her. Over the past few months, Black Lotus has confessed to Jiekong less and less, while Jiekong has spoken to Black Lotus more and more, and the human nature hidden in Black Lotus's heart has gradually been aroused. Two months ago, when Yang Shouwang had an accident, Black Lotus went to the appointment on time, but she couldn't wait for Jie Kong, so she couldn't help worrying. Maybe Jie Kong said he didn't mind her, but in his heart he had already begun to mind her past,10g Ozone Generator, so he avoided seeing her? No, Jie Kong is an eminent monk. Although he is not very clever, he is not pedantic and stubborn. He should not consider these things. Then why are you always late for your appointments. global-ceramics.com


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