The road to immortality

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Just then, Zhang Heng, standing in front of He Yixiu, suddenly reached out and stuck her slender and soft neck. At the same time, her whole body was locked up like the tide of refining the virtual spirit. You, you.. He Yixiu managed to make a sound. Zhao Yun! What are you doing? Let Miss Ho go! Next to Shi Lei and others immediately surrounded Zhang Heng and shouted at him one by one. Silence! The eyes of the bloody figure mercilessly passed over several people in Dutianbao, ignoring Zhang Heng's hands directly. How could he do it here? Shi Lei asked unconvinced. The blood-colored figure said coldly, "Fighting is allowed anywhere in the Bloody Killing Cave.". This is the gate of life and death, as long as you don't interfere with my side of the trial. The whole blood killing cave house is a place full of killing, Zhang Heng's hand is in line with the rules of the cave house. Zhang Heng looked coldly at the monk in the Dutian Castle and then walked in the direction of Wu Ling. Zhao Yun, what do you want? You can ask for anything. Don't hurt Miss He. Shi Lei lowered his voice. Borrowing her should not hurt her life. Zhang Heng's voice is very flat, but it has an indisputable meaning. Don't blame me for not warning you. If any of you dare to act rashly,jacuzzi suppliers, I will end her life. Zhang Heng's cold eyes swept over these people. After saying this, Zhang Heng walked in the direction of Wu Ling. Wu Ling made a gesture to him and led him to a corner where there was no one. Don't follow me! Zhang Heng suddenly looked back and let the monks of Dutianbao all go back. You're very accurate. If it were me, I wouldn't be so sure. Wu Ling looked at Zhang Heng with a smile. Zhang Heng's face was expressionless: "I have captured her alive. If you have anything, solve it quickly." "Well, time is running out." Wu Ling glanced at the black and white statue and found a monk waiting for the result of the dice spin. Wu Ling's expression became dignified,4 person jacuzzi, and he hastily set up several prohibitions around him, and finally let Zhang Heng loosen his hand slightly on He Yixiu's neck. What do you want to do. This is the first sentence that He Yixiu said. Zhang Heng pretended not to hear, but Wu Ling didn't have time to talk to her. With a whoosh, Wu Ling pulled down the veil of He Yixiu's head regardless of what he said. Suddenly, a perfect jade appearance that can be called sinking fish and falling geese appeared in front of the two men. How beautiful! This is the first reaction in Zhang Heng's mind. In front of this suffocating face, Zhang Heng's hand stuck in the neck of the other side almost loosened. But Zhang Heng is not a person who has not seen a beautiful woman, and soon returned to his normal manner. But next to Wu Ling looked at He Yixiu with dementia, and after a few seconds, he returned to normal. He Yixiuyu blushed and could not stand Wu Ling's eyes. Zhang Heng can not help but wonder, outdoor whirlpool ,endless swim spa, Wu Ling's strength should be very strong, ah, why would he lose his temper at this moment? "It's really like." Wu Ling withdrew his nostalgic eyes and finally said a few words. Is your mother's name He Qingyan? Wu Ling asked again. How do you know my mother's name? He Yixiu asked curiously. Wu Ling did not immediately reply to her words, then asked: "Wuji Poison Demon to you all right?" "He's good to me." He Yixiu found that Wu Ling seemed to have no malice towards himself. All right, you go to sleep first. Wu Ling tapped He Yixiu's head lightly with his hand, causing her to fall into a coma. It may be my turn soon, and no one can guarantee that I can pass through the gate of life and death. Before that, I have something to tell you. Wu Ling's tone was slightly urgent and seemed to have felt the urgency of the incident. My brother.. There is something you must promise me. Wu Ling's eyes had a complicated look. Chapter 122 life and death. Testament. "My brother.." There is something you must promise me. Wu Ling's eyes had a complicated look. Zhang Heng is silent, he understands, in this competition of luck of life and death, Wu Ling can not guarantee whether he can live. And he must have something in this world that he can't give up, or something that he must accomplish.
Without denying the fact that he was not his younger brother, Zhang Heng asked, "What's the matter? You say it first." Although I am an illegitimate child of the Tang family, my father is very kind to me, and I get more love than you. When you were four or five years old, you were sent to Fangyun Mountain, while I lived in the mortal world for twelve years. Before you were sent away, my father secretly took me to the ancestral temple of the Tang family to kneel down to worship the ancestors of the Tang family. At that moment, my fate was completely changed.. Wu Ling began to narrate in a low voice. Tang Fangzhou was poisoned by the Poison Demon Sect, resulting in the exhaustion of the primordial spirit, the decline of strength to the foundation period, and unable to seize, he had to hide in a special auxiliary magic weapon to survive, and that magic weapon was placed in a secret corner of the Tang ancestral temple.. “…… And on that day, the primordial spirit of Tang Fangzhou began to invade my body. Zhang Heng was puzzled, and just as he was about to speak, Wu Ling's slightly urgent eyes interrupted him: "Listen to me." Time was running out. After he failed in his attempt, he immediately chose to merge with me on his own initiative. From then on, I inherited all the memories and wills in front of him. Active fusion? This is the first time Zhang Heng has heard such a statement. If taking away is a way to devour each other's primordial spirit,Whirlpool bathtub, then active fusion is to send each other to devour. As a result of this fusion, I inherited his will and even became a pawn after his death. If I hadn't experienced the influence of the strange voice of Purgatory Road, I would be foolish to help him accomplish his revenge now. "Then why didn't he merge with me in the first place?" Zhang Heng couldn't help asking.


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