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The mysterious disappearance of the city's bully Meng Yin, together with his minions, was a big case at the time, but it was soon suppressed. In order not to delay the construction period, Denanger asked the laborers to choose a foreman and gave the laborers a raise. Meng Yin was soon forgotten. Steps have become a taboo topic on the construction site, if not necessary, workers would rather walk a few more steps, a little farther around, rather than take the bloody steps. The construction was completed on schedule thanks to the efforts of many laborers, and after the laborers returned home, the legend of the terrible steps began to spread around. Gradually formed a custom in the city, when the stairs can not count the stairs, parents will repeatedly warn their children, if accidentally committed, light is a scolding, heavy is a beating. Today, this custom still exists. The story seems to be over at this point, but in fact it is not. A few years later, there was a small earthquake in the city. Many cracks appeared in the steps of the building in the earthquake. A little nurse accidentally found a section of human bones in the steps. De Nangle ordered the steps to be demolished. Twelve complete bones were taken out from them. Two bones,aluminium coated tubes, one big and one small, were taken out from the foundation under the stairs. The small ones were not yet formed. It is believed to be the bones of Meng Yin and his minions, as well as Chang Yin's wife. The school burned the skeletons and restored a new step. Before long, a horrible legend began to circulate quietly in the college. Chang Yin's wife was too angry and full of resentment. Remember not to count when you go up the steps. Once you count, the ghosts of Chang Yin's wife will come out of the steps and drag you into the steps. The legend lasted less than a week before a daring and curious nurse mysteriously disappeared from the campus. She was last seen in the building, and everyone believed she had counted the steps and been dragged away by a ghost. More than ten years later, when war broke out and Switzerland was a neutral country,aluminium coated steel tube, Dennenger fled home and never came back. The nursing college he had painstakingly built disappeared in the war, leaving only these gloomy old buildings and one horrible legend after another. Several of the steps are one of the scariest. Ok Xia Chen clapped his hands. "My story is over." At the moment when Xia Chen's voice fell, everyone seemed to hear a sigh from the cold steps in front of him! 002 Count the steps The women were deeply attracted by the story told by Xia Chen, and did not come to their senses for a long time. Even Luo Shimin, who dozed off as soon as she heard the story, was deeply attracted by the story. Xia Chen asked, "What's the matter with you? Speak." Hu Rongrong sighed and said, "Chang Si's family is so pitiful, but the story you told is not terrible at all. I don't feel afraid. Luo Shimin, next month you will clean the dormitory for a month." Luo Shimin argued, "Why is it not horrible? I feel horrible. I'm scared. Are you scared, too, Shuilan and Zheng Yubing?" "We.." Shuilan's courage is relatively small, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,precision welded tubes, as long as there are two words in the story, ghosts and dead people, she can be frightened. Zheng Yubing was a little bolder. She just thought the story was very interesting, but she was really not frightened. If she were someone else, she would tell the truth. Luo Shimin was not an ordinary person. Everyone in the college knew her background. The consequences of offending her were not tragic. Xia Chen said in a low tone, "My understanding of terror is not simply to pile up some cold and gloomy words, which make people listen to the cold air behind their necks, and then forget it in a twinkling of an eye after a long time.". I am talking about the terror, it is hidden between the lines, no matter how long it takes, you will not forget, as long as you think of it, the terror hidden between the lines will gradually diffuse out like a cold, make your soul tremble, make your body sweat, fear will be like your shadow, accompany you for a lifetime. No matter what method you use, you can't get rid of fear. Xia Chen's words are thought-provoking. Hu Rongrong is not a person who easily admits defeat. She said, "Your words are good, but I don't feel any hidden fear from the story you told." That's because you didn't hear what I said.
I didn't want to say it, but you made me say it. Xia Chen said in a deep voice, "What I said is basically true, because of the age, some parts can not be tested.". But since the establishment of Yishi College, in a short period of less than 20 years, there have been seven cases of mysterious disappearance of students in this old building. In three cases, witnesses saw the last place where the missing students appeared was the steps in front of you. We are all smart people. Do you understand what I mean? The women turned their heads and looked at the steps together. In the shaking of the candle, the short steps became longer and longer, like a monster snake turning over its strong body. Xia Chen asked, "now you feel terrible." The women nodded in unison. Luo Shimin jumped up and cheered, "Yes, I don't have to clean the dormitory next month." A gust of wind blew out all the candles, darkness enveloped the crowd, and the screams of water blue shattered the quiet night sky. Zheng Yubing shivered and asked, "The doors and windows of the building are closed. Where does the wind come from?"? Unable It won't be.. Luo Shimin said, "it seems to be blowing from the direction of the stairs." The women screamed and ran away. Xia Chen and Luo Shimin stood up slowly, packed up the things on the ground, and walked out of the old building hand in hand. There is an old saying in Europe that curiosity kills a cat. Curiosity is a very strange thing. The reason why human beings can make continuous progress, become the soul of all things, and have today's prosperity and achievements is closely related to human curiosity. Everything has two sides. In many science fiction films, human beings opened Pandora's box for a moment of curiosity, which almost led to the extinction of human beings, and countless people died because of a moment of curiosity. Whether curiosity is good or bad will be judged by later generations. On a night of heavy rain,cold drawn tubes, lightning and thunder, Shuilan and Zheng Yubing almost lost their lives because of a moment of curiosity, which led to a century-old secret.


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