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Not to mention how difficult it is to rise from level 30 to level 35, the 1000 points of honor are enough for Wang Yu to become a heinous sinner from a warrior admired by millions of people. Want to know the honor of the main city is a lot of privileges, if this becomes a sinner, Wang Yu in the afterglow city is not mixed, the hermit old man will jump out to kill Wang Yu first. Chapter 435 the mission of the dark heart. Thinking of this, Wang Yu asked the lone traveler, "Brother, do you want to fall to death or be bitten to death by a monster?" "I don't want to." The Lone Wanderer's answer is very honest. Then I'm sorry! Wang Yu said, a punch hit the head of the lone Jianghu guest, the lone Jianghu guest was directly smashed into white light, the task dagger also fell to the ground. The lone Jianghu guest blinked and appeared at the resurrection point. After three seconds at a loss, the lone Jianghu guest flew into a rage: "***, how did this grandson kill me?" Just then, the lone Jianghu traveler received a message from Wang Yu: "Wait for me at the Resurrection Point." After killing the lone Jianghu guest, the bird monster chasing Wang Yu had blocked the narrow mountain road before and after, and the sky was also dense. Wang Yu took a look at the bird monster, jumped forward, and jumped directly off the cliff. This cliff is the canyon with the suspension bridge just now. If you look down, you can't see the end at all. Unless you are a legal player who has learned the flying spell of Feather Fall, other professions basically jump to death. Of course,lycopene for skin, players with teleportation skills like Wang Yu can also try it, but whether they have the courage and reaction ability is another matter. In fact, this cliff is only ten meters wide, with Wang Yu's ability, jumping to the opposite side is not a problem at all, but these birds will fly, jumping to the opposite side and not jumping is no difference at all. Jumping down is not the same,stesweet stevia, these sunset eagles and Gobi blood eagles are demonized, their stature is more than a little bit bigger than those on the sunset plateau at the foot of the mountain, and their wings are four or five meters wide. Birds of prey like eagles need space to dive. The width of the canyon is only ten meters. They can't hover at all. If the system is really shameless enough to give these birds the ability of helicopters, Wang Yu will accept his fate. Fortunately, no matter how shameless the system is, it has not reached this level. After Wang Yu jumped off the cliff, these bird monsters lost their targets, circled in the sky, and flew back to the top of the mountain. At this time, Wang Yu, who fell down the cliff, also received the system prompt of the monster's retreat, and Wang Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Meow, this task is simply not done by people, turmeric extract powder ,carnosic acid price, so many flying monsters chasing players, failure punishment is so serious, this is not to force people to die? Thanks to Wang Yu's task this time, it is estimated that anyone who receives this task will die. Even a flying mage, under the siege of so many birds and monsters, may not be able to jump off the cliff smoothly. After all, flying mages such as Feather Fall can not only float, but also move at a very touching speed. This is known from Chunxiang. When he is being chased and killed, he does not fly until he reaches the root of the wall. He is afraid of being shot down as a plane. The view from the bottom of the cliff was horrible, with bones everywhere. From the prompt of the system, Wang Yu knows that this map is called "the place where the bones are buried". Seeing the bones all over the ground, Wang Yu was afraid that the system would make any more mistakes. Without saying a word, he turned around and ran out until he reached the familiar map of the Sunset Mountains. Half an hour later, Wang Yu finally returned to Yuhui City with no danger. The lone Jianghu guest had been waiting for a long time. What took you so long? Where's the dagger? The lone Jianghu man asked impatiently. No one would be happy to be killed. "I have to get rid of those monsters," Wang Yu said as he pulled out his dagger. "Get rid of those monsters?" When the lone Jianghu traveler heard this, he was stunned. After a good meeting, the lone traveler asked incredulously, "Did you say you got rid of those bird monsters?"? How did you do that? At that time, the situation was urgent, and the lone Jianghu traveler did not have time to count how many strange birds there were in the sky, but there were at least a thousand birds that almost blocked the sun.
There are so many bird monsters, but they can fly. Although the flying monsters are not the most powerful, they are always the most difficult to deal with. Thousands of bird monsters are chasing and killing. The lone Jianghu man thought that Wang Yu was also killed. Who knows that Wang Yu actually survived. How terrible is this guy's ability to escape. Wang Yu said truthfully, "I jumped off the cliff, but they couldn't fly down.." "Oh, oh, oh!" The lone Jianghu guest really remembered that Wang Yu had asked him how he wanted to die. At that time, Wang Yu had already thought of jumping off the cliff. Lonely Jianghu visitors have seen Wang Yu's rock climbing skills, and they also know that jumping off a cliff is more likely for Wang Yu. Having said that, the lone Jianghu guest still felt that Wang Yu was too weird to play cards according to the routine, and the rules of the system simply did not work for him. What about the Dark Heart? Give it to me, too. The lone Jianghu traveler looked at Wang Yu in amazement and said. Heart of Darkness? "Don't you just want a dagger?" Asked Wang Yu. For the sake of this dark heart, Wang Yu was forced to jump off the cliff by the monster. How could he give it to him easily. "The Heart of Darkness is also my task item," said the lone Jianghu man. Wang Yu said, "Our contract mission didn't say anything about the Dark Heart. By the way, how do you know it's called the Dark Heart?" Wang Yu is not a fool, if the lone Jianghu guest does not say the matter of the dark heart, said the dark heart, Wang Yu immediately reacted, this thing is picked up by himself, the name is also shown after receiving the task, the lone Jianghu guest did not receive the appearance of the task, how can you know the name of the dark heart. Then think about the sudden appearance of the lone Jianghu guest, as well as the degree of familiarity with the back hill,tannic acid astringent, Wang Yu suddenly felt as if he had been overcast by this boy. Wang Yu guessed right, the main purpose of the solo Jianghu guest is the dark heart. The mission of "Dark Heart" is a non-hidden mission that the Assassin player can learn from the Assassin Tutor after level 25. Because the mission process is extremely complex, it can not be completed at this stage. prius-biotech.com


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