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She added: "More than once, you have thought about letting your adoptive parents die. More than once, you have laughed at the ugliness of children's paintings, complained about the unfairness of God, complained about life, and complained about your classmates and teachers. You even often thought that if all the teachers were sick, you would not have to go to school.". When you crowded the bus, you scolded the people on the bus in your heart. You have cursed the rich in your heart. You hate the rich and feel sorry for yourself. When Sun yuanfan was chasing you, you were not vain! On the surface, you don't accept him, but in fact, you especially enjoy the face he gives you when he chases you in front of your classmates. Which girl is beautiful, you will envy her, which girl studies well, you will also read her a few words in your heart. There are so many examples. Do you need me to tell you one by one? I still didn't refute what Honghong said. Even though you have many advantages in the eyes of others, I know all your bad, all your shortcomings, all your bad ideas! Tong Tong, don't think you are a great savior, to put it bluntly, you are a vulgar little human to death! Little people! Smell speech, I lightly hook lips: "I originally is a small human, originally is a small person, I do not know why you are so excited,custom cosmetic packing, or say, flaunt oneself is the savior person, is you?" "I just don't like your face!"! I just can't bear to see so many people like you and support you! For what! Why you are the side of the sun, I can only be dark! I'm going to kill you, take your body and become a whole person! "You can never be a complete person." I looked at her, word by word, slowly spit out: "a complete person's heart, there is darkness, there is light,plastic packaging tube, and your heart, only darkness." Hong Hong was angered by me, holding the sword toward me: "You want to die!" " In the spiritual world, I had little ability, and my eyes could not see slow motion, so I could only rely on my instinct to experience so many things. Kankan dodged her blow sideways, and the corpse sword grazed my face, cutting a blood stain on half of my cheek. Although I am now in soul form, I can also feel pain, and more importantly, as long as I am killed by red in soul form, I am completely out of my mind. Honghong, are you really going to kill me? I turned around and asked her. She was right behind me, and the sword was on top of my head. A few seconds later, Hong Hong said, "Tong Tong, metal cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic plastic tube, you must die." My heart still has a dull pain. The red sword came down on me, and I stepped back and sat down on the ground. Give up the struggle, in the spiritual world, you can't beat me. Honghong was not in a hurry to kill me and walked slowly towards me. I wiped the blood from my face and clenched my fist. I had no fighting spirit, no internal force of the Song family, and no weapons. What could I do to fight with Hong Hong? "You can rest assured that if you take away your body, I will take good care of the man you love for you." Hong Hong sneered. She was already very close to me. The sword of cutting the corpse gave out a bright light. This move, she decided to let me die in one move. I suddenly saw a strip of blood ribbon in the darkness overhead, meandering and spreading, and the blood ribbon floated towards me at a high speed! Chapter 738 of the same clan and blood. Hong Hong had already raised her sword, tilted her head, and raised an evil smile: "But I still need to thank you, Tong Tong. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to wake up. The stronger a person's potential is, the greater the energy of darkness will be. If you were other ordinary people, where would the dark soul breed?". Do you still remember that you and Leng Mo used to fish at night, and you caught the fish of the underworld? Of course, I remember that at the beginning, in order to compete, Leng Mo and Ye Ming carried a basin to compete in fishing at Leng Mo's house. At that time, I saw the fish in the underworld for the first time and thought it was amazing. I also took a fishing rod to fish. Leng Mo and Ye Ming despised me at the same time, saying that the fish in the underworld must have strong mental strength to catch them. It was impossible for a weak human like me to catch fish. But as soon as they spoke, I started fishing. At that time, Leng Mo and Ye Ming were shocked. In fact, your body has always contained a strong mental power, but you can not use it, unfortunately, all transformed to me, ha. Hong Hong looked up and laughed.
The blood ribbon red did not seem to see, the blood ribbon floated to the palm of my right hand on the ground, gradually wrapped around my palm, surrounded my right fist into a circle. Hong Hong still proudly said: "Song Lingfeng did not choose the wrong person, Song Ziqing is the strongest Onmyoji of the Song family, but you have the strongest soul of the Song family, your potential is unknown, so Song Lingfeng chose to put the shield gold medal into your body, not your brother, Song Ziqing." I quietly tightened my right fist. Blood ribbon into the palm of the right fist. Sorry, I said a little too much for a while. I forgot that you were waiting to die. Hong Hong laughed enough, then looked at me: "Song Lingfeng said you are now beyond our expectations, so we must kill you as soon as possible, I think you are still the same as before, weak and stupid, Song Lingfeng is wrong, where can you pose a threat to us?"? Ha ha ha! I'll send you to the West now! Are you sure you can kill me? I looked calm and asked Honghong. As soon as Hong Hong stagnated, she laughed more loudly: "In your spiritual world, what do you take to contend with me?"? If you don't even have a decent weapon, do you still want to make an ice sword in the spiritual world? Ha ha ha! You're laughing your ass off! "Why don't we make a bet?" I also followed her faint smile: "Bet you not only can not kill me, but also I will be forced out of the body, how?" Perhaps my expression was too sure, Hong Hong had a moment of hesitation, and was soon replaced by hatred: "What the hell do you have besides this mouth to try to be brave?"! Go to hell Say that finish, cut the corpse sword with the Song family sword formula toward me to cut down. The palm of her right hand was bright and red. The light burned her eyes. She raised her other hand to block it. Then,custom cosmetic packaging, the corpse sword was blown away by me. The next second, there was a strong wind in Honghong's ear, and my attack had arrived. emptycosmetictubes.com


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