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Most of the 250,000 refugees in Nanjing were displaced by the spread of fire in and around the city. In many families, the breadwinners were either taken away or killed by the Japanese army, and the rest of the family was in extreme distress. There are thousands of such things, not to mention thousands of them. As you know, the economic life of the population has been completely destroyed. There are many residents who have entered the safe zone with a small amount of food and money, and their little reserves are running out, and now they have nothing. The relief fund at the Commission's disposal is also, of course, stretched. We have 100,000 yuan in Nanjing and another 57,000 yuan in Shanghai. In order to get rid of the plight of 250000 people, the 157000 yuan is far from enough. What is worrying is that these thousands of people need not only food, but also a place to settle down. In addition, we should give them some help so that they can start a new life. ww w.xIaoshuotxt.。 com Diary of January 1938 (5.2). Small% says ^ txt-day. Don It is also a great help to give some poor families corresponding financial support to enable them to live again. We can only rely on this fund for such assistance. So please allow me to make the following request: Please help me get the relevant funding from the London Mayor's Fund. We have received a donation from the United States Advisory Committee, which is included in the 57,Stainless Steel Shower Tray,000 yuan mentioned above. We also hope that the British Committee will not hesitate to give us assistance. Thank you in advance for your support. With kind regards. Yours faithfully Signed: John Rabe President Situation report Nanjing, January 28, 1938 204) On 25 January, the refugee shelter reported: I hereby submit to you a list of women who were raped and a belt left behind by a Japanese soldier. Time and age remarks At 1400 hour on 13 January, two soldiers, age 16, raped that girl. At 14:00 on 13 January,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, the 37-year-old woman was raped by a soldier. At 2100 hour on 13 January, that woman, aged 27, was taken by a soldi and released the following day. At 20:00 on 19 January, the 37-year-old woman was raped by a soldier. On the night of 20 January, the 13-year-old girl was raped by a soldier. The same 48-year-old soldier raped the woman on the night of 20 January. The 36-year-old soldier raped the woman again on the night of 20 January. From the afternoon until the next morning, the soldier raped three women. When he left at 5 a.m., he dropped the belt he was carrying. Signature and seal: Li Ruiting, Director of Gulou West Refugee Shelter. 205) At about 16:00 on January 25, 1938, a Chinese girl surnamed Luo, Time Delay Faucet ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, who lived with her mother and brother in a refugee shelter in the security zone, was shot dead in the head by a Japanese soldier. The girl is 14 years old. The incident took place in farmland not far from Gulin Temple, a well-known temple on the edge of the refugee area. Accompanied by her brother, the girl was busy picking vegetables in the farmland when a Japanese soldier appeared and tried to commit violence against her. The girl got up and ran away in panic and was killed by Japanese soldiers. The bullet entered the back of the girl's head and exited through her forehead. (Ernest H. Foster) 206) At 9 p.m. on January 25, a Japanese soldier with a gun broke into my residence at No.49, Yin Yang Camp, and raped my 18-year-old daughter. I wanted to report it to you, but the Japanese wouldn't let me leave. There are six people in my family. My son and son-in-law have gone to Hankou. There are only four women in my family. Leaving aside the fact that my daughter was raped, if this continues to happen, all the women in the district will be in danger. I therefore request that your Committee, as a charitable institution, lodge a protest with the Japanese Embassy regarding this incident. (Signature: Jia Xiaoming) 207) After lunch yesterday afternoon (January 27), Mr. McCallum, the head of the University (Drum Tower) Hospital, was called to invite out the two Japanese soldiers who broke into the dormitory behind the hospital. As the two Japanese soldiers exited the back door of the house, McCallum pointed to the American flag there.
They were enraged and ordered him to go with them. He agreed, thinking that he would be able to follow into the Japanese headquarters. But after about 100 yards, one of the soldiers told him to turn back. "No, I'll walk with you," McCallum said. The soldier then pulled out his bayonet and threatened to stab him. Seeing that McCallum ignored him, he stabbed Mr. McCallum in the jaw, and the latter threw his head back in order not to die, but still left a wound on his neck. Seeing this, another soldier took his companion away. People gathered at the gate of the Drum Tower Hospital were looking for help when they spotted a Japanese consulate policeman driving by. The officer then took Mr. McCallum to the car and tracked the two soldiers to the next street corner, where he got out and persuaded the soldiers and wrote down their names. He also said he would inform the Japanese Embassy of the incident. At that moment, Dr. Trimmer arrived, and he was about to go to the American Embassy to report the matter. (Afterwards, Mr. McCallum submitted a written report to the American Embassy.) In the afternoon, the consulate police officer expressed regret to Mr. McCallum at the hospital about the incident. In the evening, he took two gendarmes to No.3 Pingcang Lane and asked Mr. McCallum for all the details of the matter again. (According to a report from Mr. McCallum to Dr. Smythe) 208) On 24 January, at 1400 hours, Mr. Foster, Mr. Podshivorov and Mr. Magee were requested to protect a woman. A Japanese soldier tried to rape the woman and threatened her with a bayonet. The three gentlemen said that when we arrived, the Japanese soldier had fled, but dropped his bayonet because he found us following him. We referred the bayonet to the committee for further disposal. The incident took place in Yingtai Village No.1, not far from our residence, which is in the security zone. (Signed) Ernest H. Foster, John G. Magee,Service Sink Faucets, Podshivorov. Address: Dafang Lane, No.1, Yingtai Village). cnkexin.com


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